Advertising Around The Largest College Basketball Tournament

Brands and agencies from around the world are strategizing their best plays to navigate the programmatic arena...

Brands and agencies from around the world are strategizing their best plays to navigate the programmatic arena this March. Just on the horizon, marks one of the biggest college basketball tournaments in the world, accounting for one of the fastest-growing audiences in college sports. According to Statista, since 2013, this tournament has been seen by over 93 million viewers worldwide. With the power of Brandzooka, reaching this audience has never been easier. Tap into the world of digital advertising and watch your ad spend transform!

Attracting this type of fan base generates a unique opportunity for advertisers around the world, due to the capability of reaching potential customers before, during, and after the event. Throughout the duration of the tournament, advertisers are not only focusing their attention on serving a large audience, but also generating sales since this audience type has been labeled one of the most engaged compared to other sporting events. 

Advertising to such a unique audience provides an avenue for advertisers to share their message and generate brand awareness. All of the digital advertising channels Brandzooka offer, such as Display, Video, Digital Audio, and Connected TV provide brands and agencies the chance to target the audience watching the games. By providing valued content that speaks to the product or service, tapping into this market can influence potential customers especially once the tournament narrows down to the championship game.

In addition to reaching such a large audience, comes the ability to generate leads and provide value outside the tournament date range. According to Nielsen Sports, 58% of the adult population is interested in watching this tournament. This makes an ideal consumer audience for any A/B testing or demand generation marketing. As the world of digital advertising adapts, being on the big screen during prime-time sporting events generates an opportunity to gain brand recognition and trust, ultimately transforming your business overnight. 

In conclusion, one of the biggest college basketball tournaments in the world is fast approaching. Advertisers and marketers from around the world are planning out their advertising campaigns with Brandzooka. With hopes to win the hearts and minds of viewers nationally, advertisers have tapped into our free platform, testing the waters without worrying about large minimums or contracts. Become a key player in the industry this year by launching your targeted campaign around this event. If you have questions about our platform, or simply want to chat about inventory options, click here! You can also sign up for blog updates using the form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you generate the best advertising strategy to maximize your ad dollars!

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