Targeting Capabilities

Increasing audience engagement is crucial for any successful campaign, and our platform excels at achieving just that. Seamlessly captivating your audience is made effortless through our innovative strategic targeting features, meticulously designed to guarantee a connection with your desired audience, regardless of their location or online presence. By leveraging these advanced targeting tools, you can strategically reach potential customers in the most impactful way possible.

Build an Audience

Amplify your digital advertising impact with Brandzooka's precise demographic targeting. Craft personalized campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience based on age, gender, income, and location. Unlock a wealth of audience segments to reach beyond your typical reach, leveraging external data for unparalleled targeting accuracy. Drive engagement, skyrocket conversion rates, and experience the power of truly customized digital advertising.

  • B2B
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Political
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Unlock the potential of retargeting! Reconnect with potential customers who expressed interest in your products or services but haven't converted yet. Deliver personalized ads across multiple channels – web, streaming services, podcasts – to keep your brand top of mind and drive them back to your site. Maximize your digital advertising impact and reclaim lost opportunities with the power of retargeting.

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First-Party Data

Fuel your digital advertising with the unmatched insights of first-party data. Seamlessly integrate your existing customer information, unlocking the power of personalized advertising. Tailor campaigns to individual preferences and behaviors, delivering messages that resonate deeply and forge stronger connections. Amplify your targeting precision, maximize campaign effectiveness, and experience the transformative power of first-party data.

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Managed Audiences

Brandzooka's intuitive campaign builder takes the guesswork out of audience targeting. Effortlessly access and utilize your saved audiences, eliminating the need for manual configuration and streamlining your targeting workflow. Manage and leverage previously defined audience segments directly within the campaign builder, ensuring seamless campaign creation and efficient execution. Ready to unlock the power of managed audiences? Contact your Brandzooka representative to get started!

managed audiences


Refine your marketing strategy with Brandzooka's geo-targeting capabilities, which include the precise use of zip codes. Pinpoint your audience based on geographic location, ensuring your messages resonate with the right local communities. Whether promoting a local event or tailoring offers to specific regions, our geo-targeting feature empowers you to maximize relevance. Elevate your digital advertising strategy and connect with your audience at a local level with geo-targeting.

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Metro
  • Zip
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Whether you’re a Small Business Owner or an in-house Marketer at a Brand, with Brandzooka you can easily and effectively launch hyper-targeted campaigns internally.

  • Localized Targeting
  • Pixel Implementation and Conversion Tracking
  • Shared Workspace
  • No Minimums or Contracts
  • Access to Dedicated Account Team


Manage multiple campaigns for all of your clients through one dashboard. Share analytics and permissions across your internal teams and external stakeholders.

  • User Management Settings
  • Customized Platform Interface
  • Access to Dedicated Account Team
  • Shared Workspace
  • White Labeled Reporting
  • Monetization Features
  • No Minimums or Contracts

Political / Non-Profit

Set up and activate Political campaigns in minutes. Streamlined account setup retains all relevant candidate and ballot measure information, allowing quick approval for last minute campaigns.

  • Access to dedicated Account Team
  • Shared Workspace
  • Federal, Congressional, and State Legislative District Targeting
  • Inventory Placement Targeting
  • No Minimums or Contracts
  • Granular Political Affiliation/Issue Targeting
  • 1st Party Data and Voter File Upload and Targeting


Looking to utilize the Brandzooka technology with a more customized solution? We’ve worked with large partners to build exactly what they need to scale their business.

  • API Integrations
  • Development Support
  • Custom Platform Builds
  • Access to Dedicated Account Team
  • Partnership & Monetization Opportunities

What our clients are saying

Brandzooka's platform blows our mind and makes our position as a brand's best asset more viable and sustainable.

– Fact & Fiction

Super happy with the results of our campaigns. We’ll definitely use Brandzooka again and again and again.

– Matter Unlimted

Brandzooka’s platform allows us to focus on delivering our message to the right people in the right place and time.


The transparency and clear cut presentation of the results makes it much easier for our clients to understand the real benefits of using Brandzooka.

– Dentsu