Introducing Brandzooka Reporting in Looker Studio Add-On

Introducing Brandzooka Reporting in Looker Studio

Introducing Brandzooka Reporting in Looker Studio Add-On

Get ready to supercharge your campaign insights with the new Brandzooka Looker Studio add-on. This tool is designed to help you access and understand your campaign reporting data effortlessly, all within the familiar Looker Studio environment. Say goodbye to hunting for data across different platforms and hello to a clearer understanding of how your campaigns are performing.

How It Works

It's actually quite simple. Our Looker Studio add-on makes everything smoother. To ensure a seamless experience, we ask for two specific permissions using OAuth scopes:

  1. This permission is about ensuring quality. We check your email domain to verify if you're an internal Brandzooka user. Don't worry, we're not snooping into your personal email. It's just a quick way for us to differentiate between our team and external users. This distinction helps us provide you with a tailored experience, handling API keys and routing effectively.
  2. script.external_request: With this permission, we securely access your Brandzooka data in Looker Studio. We use the API key you provide to make a safe GET request to our reporting API. This extracts the campaign data you need and sends it over to Looker Studio for further analysis. Rest assured, during this process, we're only checking the API key's validity and logging basic access details. Your data security is a priority.

In a nutshell, our add-on takes the hassle out of your campaign reporting journey in Looker Studio. It's all about easy access to your data, getting practical insights, and making smart decisions to optimize your campaigns. No more data struggles – just a clear path to campaign success!

If you need help with your Google Looker Studio integration our account team is here to help! Click here to schedule a call with a dedicated account team!

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